About Us

                                              GILT GEMZ                                                                                                        (Golden Gems)

Welcome to Gilt Gemz, our online boutique.  Gilt Gemz seeks to create a vessel from the best gems that women want and need with sexy, comfortable, and classy pieces that speaks for you.  We built a brand of high and low fashion Gemz, but let's face it, a gem is a gem, right!  You will always find the pieces you love here. We want our Gem Dolls to be ready when the time shows up to express themselves and slay without limit. This boutique will help you take the guesswork out of getting dressed so you can channel your mental energy to other duties. 

The Humble beginnings of our brand, Gilt Gemz, is a testament to the resilience of the Founder's vision and dream to create something fabulous for ladies that would make a lasting impact on the appearance and confidence developed by women.  Let's face it, there are a lot of boutiques out there, that's why we pride ourselves in scouring through this vast fashion market for you, "Discovering the Hidden Gemz" that you would love to have and need in your closet. Leave it up to us to find the timeless and unmatched outfits for you.  We want our Gem Dolls to be always be prepared when the time comes to take on the world with lion-like confidence and an undeniable love for themselves. 

Our name comprises of two significant words, which are “Gilt” and “Gemz.”  The first-word Gilt is a double entendre so it has two interpretations that we embrace. We use the first interpretation of Gilt as our primary choice, which means an object that is covered with gold or has a golden edge, which clearly emphasizes our preference towards providing clothing and clothing designs that are as precious as gold because we want you to be the cynosure of all eyes.  The second thought would be Guilt, but wait, We don't want you to feel guilty when you shop for all the beautiful Gemz that you need in your closet at these great prices, but you just might.  Let's embrace this moment in time together where fashion Rules.  Go Shop until you Pop! 

Welcome again to the Gilt Gemz Family, Gem Dolls.